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"Microsystems and Nanodevices"

     Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate StudiesΕλληνική Έκδοση

Potential applicants

The postgraduate program Microsystems and Nanodevices, is intended to attract students who have completed (or they are close to the completion of) their undergraduate studies in physical sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Materials), electrical, mechanical or chemical engineering, as well as in other related areas. The design of the program aims to bridge the gap between the different postgraduate studies and the level of knowledge necessary to understand the structure and the properties of the low-dimensional materials, devices and systems and prepare the graduate students for employment at the industry of Microsystems and nanotechnology or doing research in this subject area. The main characteristics of the program are the following:

  • It provides a theoretical and experimental background, at a postgraduate level, concerning the Nanomaterial structure and properties and the fabrication characterization - applications of Microsystems.
  • It offers the opportunity to each student to focus in a self determined specific subject area through optional courses and their Master Thesis.


The applicants’ statement of interest is submitted in two steps

  • The Application-Form (application.doc) has to be filled and submitted (as an attach file) to the e-mail address The printout of the filled application form is to be used in the next step.
  • The applicants should submit, within deadline, i.e., up to September 5th, 1914, in the Secretary of the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, the following necessary documents:
    1. Application (doc or pdf)
    2. Graduation Certification
    3. Transcript
    4. CV
    5. Passport or Identity Card (authorized copies)
    6. Possible scientific publications
    7. Recommendation Letters
    8. Certification of Greek Language knowledge
    9. Two photos

Application.doc,  Application.pdf

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