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"Microsystems and Nanodevices"

          Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate StudiesΕλληνική Έκδοση

Aims and Objectives

Aims of the Course

The formal aim of the postgraduate program is to provide a high quality education in Microsystems and nanodevices, which will prepare the students for research and help them to get accustomed to the processes used in the industry.

Given the rapid rate of change of the technologies employed as well as the development of new materials, the students must be prepared and adequately trained in order to follow the most recent developments and to redirect their interests or career. One of the outcomes of the course is to provide to the students the necessary mixture of knowledge and skills in order to be able to self-manage their future development. By the completion of the program the students will have obtained the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be attractive to the industry of Microsystems (at a national and international level) or continue their studies for a PhD. More specifically:

  • They will have the necessary theoretical knowledge and technological experience for the rapidly expanding industry of Microsystems and nanotechnology
  • They will have learnt basic research skills


The above stated aim is fulfilled via the following objectives. The program will offer:

  • High quality education in contemporary scientific and technological issues related to Microsystems and Nanotechnology, through ordinary classes and seminars
  • Knowledge on how to conduct a research, through a supervised research project
  • Acquisition of skills and knowledge on technological issues, through lab sessions
  • Preparation of the students in order to become attractive to the Greek and European industry on Microsystems and/or Nanotechnology or to continue by doing research in an academic environment

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