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"Microsystems and Nanodevices"

          Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate StudiesΕλληνική Έκδοση

Expected Learning

The structure of the program aims to bridge the background knowledge of each individual student, as it is determined from his/her undergraduate studies, to the knowledge required for a postgraduate level program in Microsystems and Nanotechnology.

One of the proposed outcomes of the compulsory modules is to elevate the knowledge acquired during the undergraduate studies to a level which will enable the students to carry out the program successfully. Additionally, they provide a solid core knowledge that enables them to redirect, in the future, their professional carrier or research interests to respond to the changing technological demands.

The Laboratory sessions, held at the research facilities of the collaborating Faculties of NTUa and at the clean room facilities of the Institute of Microelectronics NCSR "Demokritos", help the students become familiar with standard fabrication and characterization processes of low-D materials and devices.

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