International Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) Drought Conference


R. Allan, J. Luterbacher, R. Stefanski, R. Stone


Drought causes many problems, and enhances stresses and induces wide ranging impacts across both natural ecosystems and human societies, with losses of life, habitat, drinking water and food production. However, the great bulk of drought studies have focused on events that occurred since the 1950s, or that are defined with limited weather and/or climate observations. Thus we need a far better analysis system that uses newly recovered observations and more fully captures long-term historical fluctuations and intensities of drought histories.

We are proposing to hold a 3-day ACRE meeting on the island of Corfu in Greece (involving ACRE, ACRE-linked, WMO and international drought specialists) in September 2024, that will be:

  • ◼ presenting the latest historical global to regional data rescue activities that have led to the recovery of new historical weather data during past droughts.
  • ◼ highlighting the improvements to dynamical historical reanalyses (4D weather reconstructions) which allow them to better resolve past droughts over the last 200-250 years.
  • ◼ engaging with international climate services and applications sectors, plus planning and management communities etc in order to improve their focus on, assessment and use of, these historical data and enhanced reanalyses in better addressing the risks, extremes and impacts of past droughts.

Thus, this workshop will reveal and discuss what has been achieved so far using reanalysis systems and historical data rescue pertaining to drought. It will examine and develop pathways that will uncover a significantly improved understanding of drought occurrence. This would be a huge benefit to mankind.

  • Registered Participants: TBA
  • Sep 23: Arrival/Registration day.
  • Sep 27: Departure date.
  • Detailed Programme: TBA

Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
(click here for a larger map, for a menu click on the top left icon of the map, GPS: geo:39.606101,19.926115)

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Please register using the registration page, which is common for all Corfu events. The registration fee is 300€. For young researchers (students and 1st year postdocs) it is 200€. Payments may be transferred to the NTUA bank account shown in this form and the receipt emailed to Mrs Ifigeneia Moraiti.