Computational Physics

A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing



How to use this Book

This book has been written assuming that the reader executes the commands and follows the described procedures at the same time. If this advice is neglected, then the book will be of little help and some parts of the text may seem incomprehensible since it is assumed that the reader sees the results of all commands on her computer. Therefore, you need to create an environment in your computer in order to be able to write your programs and execute the commands presented in the book. The absolutely basic tools are a good text editor, a Fortran/C++ compiler and a plotting program of data and functions. In order to use all the tools presented in the book you need:

If you have installed a GNU/Linux distribution on your computer, all the above software can be installed easily. For example, in a Debian like distribution (like Ubuntu for example) the commands

install all the necessary tools. If you don't wish to install GNU/Linux in your computer, you may, alternatively, do the following: