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One of the most successful theory describing cosmic objects, their interactions and their time evolution, is the Einstein’s theory of Gravity. One of the main prediction of the Gravity theory is the existence of Gravitational Waves (GW), the ripples of space-time.The latest GW detections by ground-based interferometers and the discovery of a binary pulsar whose orbital period changes in accordance with the predicted GW emission, verified the predictions of the Einstein’s theory and opened up an intensive activity of understanding all aspects of the GWs and the implications of this discovery to alternative theories of Gravities and their cosmological implications.

The modified gravity theories can give us important information on the structure and properties of the compact objects predicted by these theories and also the observational signatures which they can introduce. It is expected that future ground and space-borne detectors will improve our perception of gravitational interactions in particular will shed light into the existence of exotic compact objects, like hairy black holes and wormholes. These compact objects provide a window into the microscopic structure of spacetime in quantum gravity and the hope is to understand the nature of their interior, potential applications to quantum cosmology, and the development of further connections to quantum information and laboratory quantum simulation. The formation of these compact objects may also trigger possible holographic phase transitions to other compact objects.

The aim of the 11th Aegean Summer School is to discuss the recent developments in theory in Gravity and Cosmology and in observations discussing the LIGO, VIRGO, LISA and BINGO experiments.

  • In the first week gravity theory and its modifications will be discussed, like high curvature theories and scalar-tensor theories and also the physics of black holes, their formation, their stability and their connection to astrophysical objects.  Models of early and late cosmological evolution will be presented and their connection with dark matter and dark energy will be discussed.

  • In the second week there will be mainly talks on Gravitational Waves and their observational signatures, quantum gravity and holography.

The 11th Aegean Summer School will take place in Ermoupolis of the island of Syros 5-15 of September and it is organized and sponsored by the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, the University of Tuebingen, Germany, The Hellenic Society on Relativity, Gracitation and Cosmology (HSRGC) and the European Gravitational Observatory, EGO

The 11th Aegean Summer School will take place in Ermoupolis in the island of Syros. The housing will be in the town of Ermoupolis in hotels which soon will appear in the Travel and Accommodation link.

Τhe Municipality of Syros kindly offered to the Organizing Committee of the 11th Aegean Summer School the Lecture Hall "Ιωάννη Ρίτσου" in the Cultural Center of Ermoupolis where the lectures will be given.


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