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Konstantinos Ntekas Performance characterization of the Micromegas detector for the New Small Wheel upgrade and Development and improvement of the Muon Spectrometer Detector Control System in the ATLAS experiment March 2016
Nikos Karastathis Determination of the spin and parity of the higgs boson in the WW*->eνμν decay channel with the ATLAS detector Feb 2016
Kostantinos Karakostas Measurement of the production of the J/ψ and ψ(2S) mesons and study of the decay χb → J/ψJ/ψ with the ATLAS detector at LHC at CERN July 2015
Stefanos Leontsinis First observation of the associated production of Z bosons with prompt and non-prompt J/ψ mesons in pp collisions at √s=8TeV and contribution to the Micromegas detectors for the New Small Wheel upgrade of the ATLAS experiment June 2015
Theodoros Argyropoulos Longitudinal beam instabilities in a double RF system January 2015
Georgios Iakovidis Research and Development in Micromegas Detector for the ATLAS Upgrade October 2014
Fanouria Antoniou Optics design of Intrabeam scattering dominated damping rings January 2013
Eleni Mountricha Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at the LHC and subsequent observation of a new particle compatible with the Standard Model Higgs boson.

2012 ATLAS Thesis Awards for outstanding contributions to ATLAS in the context of a Ph.D. thesis

September 2012
Charilaos Tsarouchas Study of rare decays of B Hadrons and development of a data viewer application of the Detector Control System in the ATLAS detector April 2012
Panagiota Savva BIS-MDT chamber study with neutron beam. November 2006
Rachel Avramidou Quality Control and Study of the Physical and Technical characteristics of the Muon Drift Tubes and Chambers for the Muon Detection at the experiment ATLAS/LHC. July 2002
Nektarios Benekos Search for exotic particles, Leptoquarks and supersymmetric at the DELPHI/LEP2/CERN experiment. June 2002
Dimitris Drakoulakos Quality control of monitored drift tubes of the ATLAS experiment using X-ray tomography. June 1999


Christos Bakalis Development of Firmware for Readout Cards of Micromegas Detectors for the Upgrade of NSW June 2017
Marios Natsios Study of the 2D Micromegas Detectors June 2017
Christos Paraskevopoulos Study of micromegas with the VMM Readout System February 2017
Andreas Vgenopoulos Data Analysis for the performance of Micromegas Detectors May 2016
Konstantinos Mavrakakis Description of the electric field of the micromegas detector using finite element methods. July 2013
Eustathios Karentzos Study of the gas supply for the MicroMeGaS detectors July 2013
Stergios Tsigaridas Study of a micromegas sDHCAL for a future linear collider March 2013
Maria Kastriotou Study of MicroMegas Detector in neutron and photon field with the simulation toolkit Geant4 February 2013
Konstantinos Makromallis Electronic study of double strip Micromegas February 2013
Konstantinos Ntekas Study of the Micromegas detector in 120 GeV/c test beam at H6/SPS/CERN November 2012
Nikolaos Karastathis Design of Daq System for micromegas telescope March 2012
Stefanos Leontsinis Second and higher order Bose-Einstein correlations and performance studies of the muon spectrometer using in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeV with ATLAS data March 2012
Dimitris Maltezos Quantum calculations in quantum circuits September 2011
Georgios Mpoumpoukiotis Study of the micromegas detector in a neutron beam June 2011
Eleni Aza Study of the micromegas detector in particle beam June 2011
Konstantinos Karakostas Micromegas telescope for RD51 test beams October 2010
Eustratios Thirios Quantum algorithms and applications in pattern recognition March 2010
Eleni Mountricha Design and implementation of a detector control system for high and low voltage for the end-cap MDT chambers in ATLAS April 2009
Eleni Ntomari Study of the micromegas detector for the RD51 collaboration April 2009
Georgios Voutsinas Reconstruction of the mass of the top quark with the ATLAS experiment and performace of the muon spectrometer with events with top quark September 2008
Fanouria Antoniou Feasibility of measurement of the meson through its decay at the ATLAS detector September 2008
Theodoros Argyropoulos Design and implementation of a detector control system for the cathode strip chambers in ATLAS April 2008
Charilaos Tsarouchas Design and implementation of a detector control system for the elctronics of the MDT chambers in ATLAS April 2008
Giorgos Zacharis The micromegas detector and a detector aquisition system for the CAST experiment March 2008
Ioannis Argyropoulos Magnetic tomography. Study on patients with epilepsy and comparison with magnetic phasmatoscopy. March 2008
Christiana Balianti Magnetic tomography. Study on patients with dementia and comparison with magnetic phasmatoscopy. March 2008
Michalis Bachtis Track identification of charged particles in drift chambers with the Legendre transform. July 2007
Rachel Avramidou Quality checking and calibration of the X-ray tomograph apparatus for the ATLAS MDT chambers wire position measurement October 1999