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Laboratory of Experimental High Energy Physics & Related Technology-Instrumentation

About the lab

The Laboratory of High Energy Experimental Physics & Related Technology-Instrumentation at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) contributes in the research of experimental particle physics providing education for graduate and undergraduate students.


The Laboratory of High Energy Experimental Physics is led by four faculty members from the NTUA Physics Department. Two new members are expected to join the faculty soon.


Energy Frontier - ATLAS

  • Construction of the inner muon stations of the ATLAS experiment. MDT chambers (BIS) were constructed, tested, shipped and installed into ATLAS experiment.

  • Upgrade of the muon forward region (NSW) of the ATLAS experiment, for the future high luminosity phase of LHC, with micromegas detectors.

  • DCS development and maintenance for the muon spectrometer.

  • Participation and validation of the performance of muon spectrometer.

  • Physics analysis.

  • Accelerator Physics - CLIC

  • Mechanical design and analysis of the pre-alignment systems.

  • Optics design and optimisation of the pre-damping and damping rings.

  • Beam phase stability and beam loss studies.